How often are Elections held?

Elections for membership of the Board are held every 3 years, so if you’re not happy with our performance you have the opportunity to do something about it, either by exercising your vote as a ratepayer or standing for election yourself. More detail can be found under the Election tab.

When is the next Election?

The next election of members will take place in 2021. If we receive more valid nominations than places available, the poll for the election will take place between 24th October 2021 and 1st November 2021. The exact date of the election will be published between 7th and 15th September 2021.

How many places are there?

The Board consists of 14 elected members.

Who is my existing representative?

Please visit our Board Membership web page to identify your existing representative. The last election in 2018 was not contested.

How do I stand for election or nominate someone?

To stand for election you will either be a Drainage Ratepayer, or you will be nominated by a landowner who pays Drainage Rates. Full details regarding qualification for membership and nominating candidates are included in the Land Drainage Act 1991, summarised on the nomination paper, Once the notice of election date is confirmed, nomination papers can be downloaded from this web page or be requested from the Drainage Board office. Please note that your nomination paper must be validly completed and returned to us by the published deadline.

Who gets to vote, should a poll be required?

If the number of candidates exceeds the number of places available, a poll will be held. You will be entitled to vote providing that you have paid your Drainage Rates at least one month prior to the date of the election and your entitlement is shown in the Register of Electors. This public register will be available for inspection at the Drainage Board office in an election year from April onwards. You will be sent a Voting Paper, which you need to complete and return to the Drainage Board office before the published poll date.

When do we know who’s been elected?

If a poll is required, the count will take place here at the Drainage Board office on the poll date and will be duly observed. Candidates and members of the public are also welcome to observe the count. The results will then be published on the website. The declaration will list the elected members. 

What happens if there are fewer candidates nominated than seats available?

A ‘no poll declaration’ will be published on the website, shortly after the deadline for receiving nomination papers. Casual vacancies shall be filled by the election by the board of a new member.

How do I get more Information?

If you would like more information about the election process please refer to the Land Drainage Act 1991, contact the Returning Officer at the Drainage Board office, or send an email to admin@lowersevernidb.org.uk