Development and Operations


The Board has an administrative area covering over approximately 21,000 hectares of land alongside the Rivers Severn, River Frome in the Stroud Valley, the River Leadon and the River Little Avon in South Gloucestershire.

 The area of the Board extends into eight Local Authority areas; Herefordshire, Forest of Dean District, Tewkesbury Borough, Malvern Hills District, Gloucester City, Stroud District, Bristol City and South Gloucestershire Councils..

 The Board maintains and improves approximately 300 miles of watercourses and drainage rhines within its area aided by Contractors as and when needed, particularly in the North of its area, and to maintain the various pumping stations which are necessary to evacuate water in times of heavy rainfall or when the tides are high in the River Severn.


 The Board are also consulted on any development proposals to check there is no adverse impact on the area due to increased rates, surface water run off or infringement of Boards Byelaws

 As the Drainage Authority in the area the staff administer the issue of consents to discharge water within its area or for structures such as bridges and culverts proposed to be erected over watercourses. This is a requirement under the Land Drainage Act 1991 and the Board’s own Lands Drainage Byelaws available from the office.