15 Appointed Members

Lower Severn Drainage Board Appointed Members  


Appointed members were included in the Board’s membership following the 1991 Land Drainage Act. Their function is to represent the interests of the householders whose contribution to the costs of a Drainage Board is paid indirectly through their Council Tax payment. This overall payment from the 8 councils/unitary authorities within the Drainage Boards area is called the Special Levy. The cost to the 8 councils/unitary authorities is reduced by partial reimbursement received from central government through the revenue support grant.


The 15 appointed members can be nominated to the Board by the 8 councils/unitary authorities and are currently as follows:


Bristol City Council


Cllr PJ Abraham

Cllr J English

Cllr S Milestone

Alderman BB Richards

Mr P Goodey
Alderman CJN Williams

South Gloucestershire Council
Cllr MR Riddle
Cllr SJ Walker
Cllr E Orpen


Stroud District Council
Cllr JF Jones


Gloucester City Council
Cllr S Morgan


Forest of Dean Council
Cllr PHJ Burford


Herefordshire Council
Cllr AW Johnson


Tewkesbury  Borough Council
Cllr PW Awford


Malvern Hills  District Council

Cllr BJ Behan


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